Cameo DataHub Plugin 19.0 SP1

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DataHub is a MagicDraw® plugin which provides a complete solution for requirements management.

DataHub can connect to and work with IBM Rational® DOORS®, IBM Rational® DOORS® Next Generation, HP Application Lifecycle Management tools, and any OSLC-clipliant providers.

The DataHub plugin enables you to copy and synchronize requirements, link them to one another, as well as link MagicDraw’s model elements such as SysML Requirements or Use Cases. It allows you to create DHLink, and DHTrace links between requirements and SysML use cases and test cases and makes it possible to maintain these links or relations, and update them using bidirectional or unidirectional synchronization capabilities, thereby validating a requirement. Additionally, you could also transfer requirements to and from CSV file repositories.

Cameo DataHub uses OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) specifications for data integration and tools collaboration. OSLC is an open community developing a set of specifications for integrating tools. OSLC enables independent software and product lifecycle tools to interact and integrate their requirements via links between related resources. OSLC queries are supported only by IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation, while OSLC links are supported by IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation as well as HP Application Lifecycle Management (only Requirement and Defect elements).

DataHub supports almost all types of MagicDraw® model elements and diagrams.

DataHub Plugin works with the following requirements management systems:

The compatibility matrix  is available at


Online Documentation is available at


Cameo DataHub plugin 19.0 is compatible with MagicDraw 19.0:




All Platforms Instructions

  1.  From the Help main menu in the MagicDraw application, click Resource/Plugin Manager. Check for available updates and new resources.
    (Note: Specify HTTP Proxy Settings for connection to start MagicDraw updates and resources).
  2.  Select the checkbox beside Cameo DataHub and click Download / Install.
  3.  Restart MagicDraw application.

If you have already downloaded Cameo_DataHub_Plugin_<version number>.zip:

  1.  From the Help main menu in MagicDraw application, click Resource/Plugin Manager.
  2.  Click the Import button to specify Cameo DataHub file location. Plugin will be extracted and installed automatically.
  3.  Restart MagicDraw application.

To deploy DataHub plugin for Rational DOORS:

  1. From the Tools main menu in the MagicDraw application, click DataHub> Driver Deployment. The Deployment dialog will appear.
  2. Select DOORS version from the drop down list.
  3. Click Add button, then locate to the Rational DOORS folder.


Where to find more information or support?


Web page

To download the demo of this version and to get contact information or purchase details, please go to:

Online Information

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Knowledgebase and new issue registration

We are awaiting your comments and suggestions. More than a half of the features of the current version added because our demo version users have requested them. Do not miss the chance to see your desired features in the future versions!

Bug Reports

Your bug reports are welcome at These reports allow us to fix bugs as soon as possible and release the known-bug-free maintenance releases. While sending the bug report, please include (if applicable):

For information about your JVM and OS, see Info tab in About dialog from MagicDraw Help menu. If you have a file that the MagicDraw is not able to load and it is not a confidential one, please, attach it as well. This would help us to analyse the problem.

Bugs can be submitted directly from MagicDraw application - Help->Submit a Bug.

No Magic Customer Support System

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Known Issues


Evaluation version limitations


If MagicDraw client has no expiration date, plugin evaluation version will be working for 7 days period after first installation.
If MagicDraw client has an expiration date, plugin evaluation version will be working until MagicDraw client version is expired.

IMPORTANT! Remember that plugin evaluation version depends on MagicDraw version. If you have MagicDraw demo version then you are allowed to save  only a limited number of elements.

Contact your sales executive individually for the fully functional evaluation version.


Trouble Shooting


Synchronization problems occur after exporting a package to create a module.

If you want to export part of a model as a module in DataHub, you need to restart your project to avoid the problems.

Problems with committing a project when it uses read-only modules.

When using a shared module in the project, you can select whether you want to use it as read-only or read-write-enable. You need the read-write permission to commit your work into the Teamwork Server or else you will lose the committed work.